Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweat Pants & the City

Here's the deal. Ever since I got kinda sorta (really) down-in-the-dumpers, I've made an odd fashion choice. I wear Sweat pants. Like 24/7. I have fancy sweat pants (dark gray and flarred at the bottom so they look like real pants), brown, pink (capris), light blue and white (special occasion). Sweat pants have become an extension of my bed - roomy, comfy and cotton-y. Sweat pants are denial, just like taking to your bed is denial. Sweat pants deny that you've gained five pounds, then ten, then fifteen. Though the fact that I got holes in the butt and thighs of my sweats - GAP sweats so less - should have tipped me off that there WAS A MAJOR PROBLEM.

A few years ago there was this cool trend of ladies wearing matching Juciy Couture velvet sweat suits. THEY WERE "SUITS" 'cause they were glamourous and and if you call 'em SUITS then nobody will think twice about paying $200 bucks for them (All though they should! They really really should! Have these women not seen the inside of a Target?) Anyway, those cute girls with the tight butts and tiny dogs in their matching SWEAT SUITS and giant sun glasses looked like they were on the RUN, they were GOING PLACES. They were so busy... THEY ONLY HAD TIME FOR SWEAT SUITS. Maybe that's what I hoped to imitate. Maybe that's the life I thought I could portray. But really, today, looking at myself in "hole-y" pink sweats and a big green t-shirt that looks like it needed to be washed two meals ago, no make-up and a snarly pony tail, I had to wonder... am I fooling anyone? I GOT OUT OF BED AND THAT'S A BIG "YAY!" but did the wearing of the sweat pants mean I had just taken my bed outside, so to speak? Maybe.

So what am I doing with my first offcial day out of my depression bed? Well, I guess it's rounding up the hole-y sweats for a ceremonial burning! Sweat pants be gone! If I'm striving to not be depressed, I have to dress like it, right? Are you walking around in big-baggy-don't-notice-me-clothes? Maybe there's some things you want to get rid of, too. It can serve so many purposes. 1) Let's say good-bye to the old us! 2) Let's donate these clothes to someone that might need them more than us 3) Let's "fake it 'til we make it" - by dressing in fitted, well maintained clothes maybe we'll feel more connected to ourselves. And more connected to the world! Don't you feel more like smiling at a stranger when you're dressed in a confident way? Weird, I always looked down when I was wearing sweats, hoping no one would notice me. I don't want that anymore.