Saturday, July 10, 2010


To change one's life; Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. - William James

I'm overwhelmed and feel so loved by all your comments. All I can say is... yes, I will continue to be honest about the harder things to talk about as you have encouraged me to do... thank you for that.

Just like you, I am finding my own way and I am glad we are reaching out and rooting each other on to do so. So much love... xoxoxo

By the way... even better quotes than Mr. Walter Blake... pulled right from our very own comments section.

We (the reader) will be there, though. We are always there for what is true, even when the true thing is heartbreaking. Be whoever you want to be each day. Write whatever you NEED to write. We will read. I will read. - Angella L

It's easier to be the clown than it is to bare your soul. - Aunt Becky

Fake cheerfulness isn't very interesting to most of us. - Babbalou

You are allowed to feel shit about things. And to then blog your soul out about it. - Michelle/Mouse Demon

So from me, I want you to stop hiding behind that mask and write about anything on your mind - happy, sad, doesn't matter, it's all life. - Loryn

Life is such a gift... so, how does the story end? This is your story and it all depends... so, don't let it become, get out and do what you were meant to do... we live, we love, we forgive and never give up, because the days we were given are gifts from above... - Anji

... the truth is behind the boring... - Quinn H

I've found that people feel more drawn when you lay your soul bare and rattle your skeleton. - Hey Jen

As a member of "the club," I've noticed people deal with this dark knowledge in two ways: they cling, control, and suffocate their lives to unsuccessfully prevent the great unknown from happening, or they accept, embrace, and cherish what they've been given because they intimately know the transcience of it all. I hope the latter is true for you - that's what I want from you. - Sherene

That's the most beautiful show of support I have ever felt. I figure if I'm ever doubting myself about being honest or feeling the cloak of fear coming over me, all I have to do is pull up this blog post and read all your comments below. I LOVE YOU GUYS!