Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adventure Bowl
Join A "Meet-Up"

This Week's ADVENTURE BOWL is "Join A Meet Up." I'm so excited because it's a really perfect thing for a person to do who has just moved to a new city.  Do you know what "Meet Ups" are?  They are fun activities planned around YOUR favorite things to do and they are all listed on  You go to a meet up and instantly have something to talk about with the people you meet because you now have one common interest.

For instance, when I pulled, "Join a Meet Up" I thought about things I like:  Pugs - yes there's a Meet Up for that, Saturday mornings at the park;  Crafting, like making t-shirts or jewelry - yes there's a meet up for that but less chance of boys going; Yoga - with my back injury, not quite ready for that; Digital photography - DING!  DING!  DING!  we have a winner!

I just took the money I saved my sneaking out a week early on my sublet (I told you the couple, only together for THREE WEEKS was fighting all the time?) and put it towards a nice camera.  Now I just have to figure out how to use the camera!

The meet up I'm going to is at the Central Park Zoo in NYC and there are 115 people going!  I'm really excited and yes, a little nervous.  I get shy around new people but I'M THROWING MYSELF IN THERE!

And I hope you do to!  YOUR CHALLENGE:  Join a Meet Up.  Even if you can't go to one of the activities UNTIL after the holidays.  This is YOUR FIRST ADVENTURE!  I hope you feel giddy and excited.  It really becomes life changing to DARE yourself to do things you NEVER dreamed you would.

And this is a perfect, "Dip your toe into "Adventure Bowling" because you can join with a friend if you want.  Now, if you don't have Meet ups around you, try and find an equivalent adventure -  just try SOMETHING NEW!  A yoga class is doing a demo, a wine bar is having a free tasting, go to a nice hotel and take in the Christmas decorations, maybe a store like "JoAnne's" is having a craft night.  

Part of your new life as an Adventurer is not taking "No" for an answer.  So even if there are not Meet Ups in your town, there is no giving up!  Another idea:  host a mini Meet Up at your place!  Go to Etsy or Martha Stewart's website, find an easy craft to make and have the girls over for cider.  See?  DONE!

I want everybody to report back!  What's the new activity YOU want to try in 2011?