Friday, August 6, 2010

What's Your Sign?

First of all, I am deeply, deeply touched by everyone's comments on the post about my uncle. I want to leave a comment for each and every one of you who cared so kindly to do that. But my internet has been down and I have raced over to the library just to write this.

(PS, someone is looking out for me, I have a huge deadline on Wednesday so the lack of the internet may be a good thing as I am easily distracted like a hamster!)

But I didn't want to wait until this internet situation rights itself to thank all of you. So, I'm doing it, here, now with the promise to follow up on your blogs once I have this immeasurably challenging deadline behind me.

But I also wanted to write a small post. I was thinking about how inspired I am by Jamie from "Inspired Mess" who did the art work in the post below (it's from her journal - incredible!) and "Freestyle Sarah" who loved some of the encouraging signs I've post here and on Facebook. So she made one for herself. Seeing it, I was bowled over. One, because something I had written had resonated with her. And two, because UNLIKE me, who just finds these signs and banners on the internet... she made her own.

She made it! Like Jamie made hers. And she hung it where she could see it every day.


Yes! Yes! Yes! She is and Jamie is and I am and you are.

So because I have to get back to work, I leave you with this: What's your sign? What words of encouragement do you need?

Leave it in the comments section. You can leave it anonymously. I will put them all in a hat and pick one. Whomever I pick, I will make the banner for you and send it to you. If anyone is feeling super creative, I challenge you to make the banner or sign of your encouraging words to yourself and photograph it and send it in.

When Sarah did her's it was a lightening rod of change for her. With permission, I will link her post about it here.

Another thing you could do... this would blow my mind: Offer your services to make a banner for one of the readers here. I'll pick that out of a hat too. I like the idea that someone could make an impact on a stranger just by donating their time and creativity. Sometimes, we are so busy, bogged down, we don't make the time for ourselves. By someone else making this banner they are, in Sarah's words, showing you:


Even though this is a short post, I'm really excited by it.

Do you know a friend that needs some words of encouragement, a "rah-rah, you can do it" in their life, maybe someone who needs to remember how strong they are? Post this on your Facebook or Twitter and let's include other people in this powerful and EMPOWERING experiment.

Love you guys. xoxoxoxo