Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adventure Bowl
"Ask A Boy Out On A Date"

You're kidding me, right?  I CAN'T do that.  I'm shy... I'm not good with rejection... I need a week not a DAY to do this.

Ugh... okay, okay... here I go.  (Wait... where do I go?  LOL)

(UPDATES COMING... Humiliation, too, I'm sure :)


I did it!!!  Okay, here's how it ALL went down.  I went to the gym, the hardware store and this really busy restaurant for lunch where I know all the guys (and girls) in the neighborhood go for lunch.  Nothing.  I mean, yes, boys a plenty in most cases just no opportunity-- okay, maybe there was and I was just - I am so out of practice.

If you're out of practice, the hardware store is a great place to go P.S. (like a Home Depot) but all these stores in NYC are little with skinny aisles and after asking one of two guys there opinion on wood glue the opener said to me, "I told you five times which one to buy!"

Uh.  Embarrassing.  And I wish I could have grabbed him by the collar and said, "Listen!  I am on an adventure and I HAVE TO ASK A GUY ON A DATE BY TONIGHT!  Guys come here!  Stop ruining it!  Let me ask whoever I want about this damn wood glue!"

Instead I just bought the wood glue and left.

I don't have any wood to glue, either.

Now it's 6pm.  I know I can take the easy way out.  Go to the bar, have a few drinks... ask someone out.  Only, I don't want to be that desperate girl in the bar and I DON'T want liquid courage to do this adventure.


I take an ad out on Craigslist.  yeah, that's right, I did.

I'm going to post it late here in another UPDATE and then let you know how my VERY AWESOME DATE went LAST NIGHT!


So, that's right, I asked a guy... or many guys for that matter, OUT ON CRAIGSLIST.  LOL.  I took out an ad in the personal section that went a little like this:

Hi, I am looking for a fun, upbeat, spontaneous guy to ask out on a date.  I challenged myself to ask a guy out today and let's just say, the plan went south.  I am new to NYC and think it would be fun to hang out and have a drink with someone who feels like taking a chance on someone he's never met before.  A little about me - funny or so I'm told, 5'5, wavy (crazy) hair, loves to read, explore the city and try new things.  If a date with me sounds like something you might be interested, send me your picture (no penises please!  I already know what one looks like) and tell me a bit about yourself!   I will do the same.   Best, K

And then, there he was, maybe an hour later.  Cute... in the way I find guys cute... tall, mop tops, that kind of "I look like I rolled out of bed but it's really that I've been so busy being up to something else" look that I like...  a little offbeat... jeans and t-shirt guy.  Dark hair, curly wavy and blue eyes.  Swoon.

There was something about his face that was kind... that told me he probably wouldn't stuff me in a suitcase and put me in the Hudson.  We did the email dance for quite a bit and then we met at a bar/restaurant near me.  Laughed a lot.  Drank a little more to ease the nerves.  Split a burger (cute) and just had really fun, sweet conversation.

I was kind of beaming ear to ear in that way you really shouldn't on a first date.  It was just, I could not believe that not only had I done the ADVENTURE but it had turned out THIS GOOD.

That's the point of all this - to DO SOMETHING YOU THINK YOU CANNOT DO and then see, it's REALLY not that hard.  And then wonder, "What else have I been putting off that I thought I couldn't do?  Maybe now I can do that, too!"

Yes, there was kissing.  It was nice.  He is so sweet.  We've been out a few more times.  We'll see what happens but for now... I can't believe this is my life :)  That the girl who once couldn't get out of bed now is doing so many things to make sure she never gets back in there.