Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Announcement
In 2011, We're Going Interactive! Join me on My ADVENTURES!

I needed a little nudge from one of our readers, Stephanie who asked, "Why can't we come along with you on one of your adventures?"  When I dreamed up the Adventure Bowl, I could have never IMAGINED I would get such incredible feedback and people would respond so positively as I dared myself to do one spontaneous, fun, daring and OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE adventure a week as a way to "get back to my old self" after I life had taken some hard and unexpected turns.

But it always seems to be the blog post you all respond to and love the most.  The reason I have not wanted to ask readers to join me before this was 2 fold:  One, it takes A LOT of time to write the blog and respond to people's comments and when you see I have not posted in a while it's because I am secretly in despair that I owe so many sweet commenters comments back on their blogs.  Two, I didn't know how to do it and DO IT PERFECTLY.

Now that I'm growing up (LOL) I am backing off the idea of PERFECTION in a big way.  I'm going easy on myself.  This may work, it may not work.  Let's just try it and be imperfect together!

But to address those 2 fold concerns - 1)  I want everyone to know, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS read your comments, I love them and I feel like they push me on.  Especially when I lost my great uncle this year, when I found out my cousin had brain cancer, even as I nervously needed a nudge to do the Adventure, "Ask A Boy Out on A Date."

But I would LOVE, LOVE you to also join us on Facebook where it is easier for me to interact with other readers/adventurers/dear friends.  So yes, keep commenting!  I love it.  But in order to undertake this new phase, please join us for discussion and fun on Facebook, too!

Also, I will only post on the blog announcing the Adventure and then following up with Updates on how it is going.  I think if there is less to write, there will be more time for living and adventure and I won't feel like I am overwhelmed.  (I hope you understand :)

I will always post when a new blog post is up on Facebook and Twitter (link to come soon!).


YOU are invited to JOIN ME ON MY ADVENTURES!  And here's how:

Every week I will pull and Adventure.  For instance, before Thanksgiving, I pulled, "Ask a Boy Out on A Date."  Now, every one of you can't neccesarily do that adventure... your boyfriend or husband might be offended.  LOL!  But, I did, on Facebook challenge everyone to "come" on the adventure with me.

Here's what I wrote:  "SINGLE LADIES: Ask a guy out today :) You can do it! NON-SINGLES: Do something you thought you'd never do, that makes you nervous but YOU KNOW is ultimately rewarding ;)"

So, from now on, when I pick an Adventure, I will challenge you to do something very close to my adventure or IN THE SPIRIT of my Adventure.

In six months OR LESS :) hopefully, we will graduate to everyone having their own Adventure Bowls.

The MOST IMPORTANT part of this is to know it really does CHANGE your life.  And I am hoping that by you participating and posting ideas/thoughts/feedback on Facebook, you will change others lives.

Who's game?  ;)  

Because I just pulled:  "Join a Meet-up" this morning!  I DARE YOU!