Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life is Cw-azy!

Hey Rock Stars,

Thanks for all the great comments! Every time you leave one, the self-esteem that my parents have systematically tried to dismantle my whole life, grows back, just a little.

Things are a little crazy today, tomorrow and into next week so I wanted to let you know I'll resume posting on Thursday, August 28. I have a great story for you about fulfilling a huge dream and an Adventure of getting VIP TICKETS and passes to a see my favorite band at the Staples Center.

We'll also talk about proper VIP etiquette. Because, as I learned, just because they're serving free shrimp alfredo in the VIP section, doesn't mean you should eat it. Especially, if your going to be dancing after five free VIP beers. (Though some would beg to differ if this was really dancing on my part, as it most resembled epileptic seizures).

So yeah! We'll cover all that and more.

This blog is dedicated to sweet comments that are the wind beneath my wings.