Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adventure Bowl
Do Something In L.A. You Have Never Done Before

I was super psyched when I picked this adventure. Mostly because two posts ago, I talked about many of the adventures that were in the bowl, and while readers were inspired by them, many mentioned that getting pink hair or riding in a helicopter was not going to happen no-way, no-how, due to their finances.

People, I'm with you. In fact, you can't believe the amount of stuff that's being sold on Craigslist, ebay & soon... a yard sale to feed my adventure-ness. But yes, we also need some that are free or next-to-free. That's why "Do Something in LA You Have Never Done. No planning. JUST GO" got me all tingly. 'Cuz I knew I could have a ball and not empty out my wallet.

All of my adventures have a purpose. The purpose of this one? I WANT TO BE MORE SPONTANEOUS - hence the "No planning. Just go" clause of the adventure. I want to not be intimidated by places... "Oh, I can't go there. It's too fancy, too exclusive, it's too far away."

If I let my brain get into "excuse mode," I will have talked myself, not only OUT of the adventure, but INTO takeout Chinese and a "CSI" repeat.


I'm working really hard at shutting down the nega-tiva of my brain. So I pick this adventure and hop into my Jeep. I never know where I am going to end up so I always take my fake Louis Vuitton bag that I bought for 16 bucks. I feel like it will get me in anywhere I want to go. Well, that and a little swagger walk.

In the bag goes a wallet, a bathing suit, sunscreen, a sweater and a wine opener. I feel like adventures are more fun with wine. A quick pop into 7-11, now I have 2 bottles of my favorite wine "Bearflag" white. Have you tried it? It's sublime. Light & delicious & now I don't need my wine opener 'cause it's a screw top.

By now, I know where I want to go. To Yamashiro restaurant. Have you ever heard of it? I've been told it's the most beautiful spot in Los Angeles because it's built 250 feet above Hollywood Blvd. so it has the most magical views of the city. But a place like this is intimidating because it's exclusive, a celebrity stop and a bit posh. That feeling of "you wouldn't fit in here" has kept me from going all these years. That and the $30 entrees.

But now I'm determined to sneak up there and drink wine on the grounds and soak in the view. With two bottles of wine, I can call in reinforcements to join me - good friends who will definitely join me on the adventure, once I've scoured things out and made sure it's safe.

I drive up the forever winding driveway of the restaurant and notice a sign for a Farmer's Market. It's actually taking place that night on a section of the grounds. This is awesome because my friend told me the gardens of Yamashiro are impossible to get into.

The Farmer's Market is not huge but there are tables there. I pluck down at one and call three friends. "Get over here and bring a wine glass." I'm currently sneaking my Bearflag white into a paper gelato container but I'll bust out the bottle on the table if my friends bring wine glasses.

Soon, my best-ies show up, each perplexed as to why they were summoned to Yamashiro with their own wine glass. By now I'm buzzed and I pull my two wine bottles out onto the table. No hesitation, not even with the wine booth selling by the glass wine, two feet over. Hey, they're not selling my favorite wine so technically, they forced me to do this.

Lots of laughter and silliness and "Why haven't we EVER been up here before?" I think we all felt the same way... it was just too intimidating. Too expensive. To out of reach. We don't own outfits for this! So I was excited that I got everybody over there. The sunset was the most magical thing I have ever seen. Sigh. Another adventure done.

The total for the night? $2 for valet. $20 for wine (but every one chipped in, so let's say really $5) and a split of a $10 glass of wine from the restaurant so an amazing adventure was had for $12.

If you live in LA, you must go. If you live anywhere else, you need to go to the place everyone is always telling you to go. Stop holding back, putting it off, waiting until a special birthday or anniversary. The time to adventure, to do something you really want to do, to be daring is NOW.

A few days later, I got the compliment of my life. A friend of a friend who heard the Yamashiro adventure story turned to me and said, "I just love hearing stories about you. You sound like so much fun."


All I could think of was, yes, that's how I want to be seen. If I am seen that way, I will see myself that way. If I see myself that way - I WILL BE THAT WAY.

Happy-go-lucky, sneaky sneaky wine smuggling girl, surrounded by all her friends laughing and enjoying the sunset will just be ingrained in my heart. Part of my DNA, racking up more memories of fun until the fun smothers the memories of me curled up in bed and a little lost to the world.

That sounds like a good plan.

(And yes, I know I need photos to capture these adventures. We need a sponsor so we can get some iPhone money, m'kay? Until then, I have to rely on the kindness of strangers and/or the internet.)