Tuesday, August 24, 2010


UPDATE, PT. 3: Super giggly and excited to write today's post. It will be up in a bit.

UPDATE: Okay, I did it... there's part of it I still have to do Saturday but I will write all about it TOMORROW. I'm really psyched and really tired but this ONE HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE!!!

UPDATE: I cannot believe the amazing, caring, sweet suggestions people have put here, Facebook & Twitter! I am zeroing in on something pretty big... but weighing a lot of things so please Tweet or post on your Facebook and let's get people inspired to help others!

I picked "Change Somebody's Life." The deal is... I'm supposed to do whatever I pick, that day, TODAY, no backing out or excuses BUT this is a crazy tall order.

I WILL DO IT, I just want to do it right.

I'm like freaking out of nervousness but also excited at the same time!

Any suggestions?

I am on a budget so... keep that in mind! I'll check back in later, going to do some research.