Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Adventure Bowl 2008

Life doesn't have to be boring. Fun times are not just reserved for Hawaiian vacations.

My co-worker H used to make fun of me because I am an obsessive-compulsive list maker. There is something so satisfying about writing something down you have to do and then crossing it off. This morning I was thinking, "Why do all the things on my list have to be so damn boring?" Do I want them to put on my headstone, "She always remembered to go to the bank and buy stamps."

Hell no!

A few years ago, when I felt my life was getting insanely routine: wake, workout, work, TV time, sleep, RINSE REPEAT, I decided to make a list of all the fun things I wanted to do. Then I put them on little scraps of paper and put them in a big clear bowl - THE ADVENTURE BOWL.

On the weekend, I would have to pick one thing AND I WOULD HAVE TO DO IT! It really injected a sense of fun, adventure and spontaneity into my life that I REALLY needed. Sometimes, I could grab a friend to go with me, sometimes not, but the point was NOT to waste weekend time with just running errands, returning phone calls and paying bills.

So, I am whipping the Adventure Bowl back out for '08. Anyone care to join me? The best thing about this one is it's going to be The Frugal Girl's Adventure Bowl as my accountant (my Bank of America bank statement) says that's the only way it can be done!

What's your idea of adventure? Here's the thing, it doesn't have to be that hard. It can be, "I'm going to get a pedicure today in a color I have never gotten before." "I'm going to take a new class at the gym today." "I'm going to sit in a beautiful hotel lobby with a cup of tea and write in my journal." "I'm going to show up at the soup kitchen and serve lunch."

The best thing is this not only feeds you with FUN, but it can help if you and a boyfriend or even you and your kids need to push yourself into doing something new.

Okay, here's my list which I reserve the right to add to:

1) Have a margarita at The Beverly Hills Pennisula Hotel, outside by the fireplace
2) Go to the MOMA downtown - I love Modern Art, I feel so much less intimidated by it
3) Suri Bikes! Have you ever seen these? They are these crazy Italian bikes that look like carts, you ride up front but they have four wheels and everyone I ever see riding them looks like they are having a blast!
4) Yoga, yoga, yoga. First class, always free.
5) I want to sit up at The Griffin Observatory at night and watch the sunset
6) Rock climbing. There is a store on the westside where you can do demos for free.
7) Rent a bike and ride along the ocean. Watch cute surfers after.
8) Take a pottery class, there is a drop in place in L.A.
9) China Town! I love China Town for the bright colors, the browsing, the peole watching, the food and the art. A nice walk around and then maybe have a friend join me for dinner.
10) Volunteer - now that I did my orientation, I can pick up a shift at the children's hospital or I can go down to the women's shelter which always welcomes me with open arms
11) Pool crash - every now and then, this must be done. You dress very nicely and go to a fancy hotel of your choice. How can they tell you don't belong there? One Miller Lite later, I'm swimming with unsuspecting guests.
12) I want to be on a boat or a jet ski or both but this doesn't fit even in the realm of my pocket book but I will scour away until I figure this one out!

Okay, I know I have many, many more. So I will add a part two to this list. If anyone can suggest fun things to do in any city for under $10 bucks, leave it in the comments section and INSPIRE us all :)