Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Donuts are NOT a Food Group (and Other Shocking Discoveries!)

Donuts are not a food group. That's too bad. Because donuts are delicious. I learned that yesterday as I was rushing off to a meeting and I stopped at the healthiest place on earth for breakfast - 7-11. I know! That's crazy! I grabbed a donut and a bananna (a bananna cancels out the calories of a donut much like a Diet Coke cancels out the calories of a Big Mac & Fries.) Anyway, off to my meeting where I'm an hour early and my coffee (delcious, BUT zero nutritional value except for the calories I might have burned off from shaking by being over-caffeinated and powered-sugared).

Well, I can't go into my meeting like this. I'll be a rambling, shaking mess and then slump over in my chair and pass out once my sugar high crashes. I better eat something. Something healthy. Ooo, there's McDonalds. I'll just have a Happy Meal. Four piece chicken nuggets, a small fry and a toy from "Bee Movie" later, I feel full but kinda sick too.

You don't even want to know what I ate the rest of the day. YOU'LL NEVER GET IT OUT OF ME. Okay, fine... it was pasta... in some kind of rich cream sauce. THERE MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BREAD BASKET TOO! I'm so ashamed... LOOK AWAY!

What's crazy is then I blogged about "Super Sexy Good Mood Food" as if I was some kind of DIETARY KNOW-IT-ALL ANGEL when in fact, I'M A BAD, BAD DONUT EATING, FRY LOVING, PASTA GORGING, REFILL MY BREAD BASKET PLEASE diet devil.

But last night when I was starving at 3:00am, I made the most delcious turkey on whole wheat pita with yummy avacado sandwich. SCURMPTIOUS. So one good thing did come from writing the blog. I realized after, I have no groceries in the house. I have no way to eat like an angel if I grocery shop like a devil (infrequently to never). So I went to the store and loaded up on my fruits and nuts and eggs, and leafy greens. And that's a check for salmon, whole wheat pita and healthy cereals.

I guess I write this because we all have IMPERFECT DAYS. We're ladies on the go-go afterall. But we have to take care of ourselves. Last night when I made that super duper good mood sandwich, the feeling of taking care of myself felt better than any donut & fries ever make me feel. So, I'll get there, I know I will. I do have to drive by that damn donut emporium 7-11 everyday, BUT I'LL GET THERE!!!!