Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guess Who's Moving To NYC?


I guess these adventures do work.   This was the question I asked my self months ago:  "Could I do little dares, adventures... and THAT putting me in my most happy frame of mind, make the scariest decision of my life - to leave the comfort of Los Angeles for the ultimate adventure - a move to New York City.

The answer is YES.

I just booked my ticket this past Tuesday.

I leave this Tuesday.

Can you believe it?  I hardly can. :)  Yet, I feel so insanely happy, excited, peaceful, certain, hopeful, ready, surprised by my spontanaity.

I keep hearing, "Yes, yes, yes!"

I know I owe you all a blog that explains how this all came to be.

It will be up on Wednesday - it's 24/7 packing until Tuesday!  

I'm sorry I have been so absent but I love you all and I am going to get a digital camera so I can share my new life in New York with you :)

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.