Thursday, April 3, 2008

Um... I Think That's Gonna Leave A Stain

We have so much cool blog fun to catch up on.

I owe you guys stories on Adventure Bowls, Weeks 3, 4 & 5. Also, check in next week because L and S are taking me sympathy Pre-Shopping in preparation for my mother's visit and anticipated immediate demands for a vibrator. They're going to get me comfortable roaming the aisles of a sex shop without looking and feeling like an obviously guilty Catholic.

But today, oh, today we are sick. I felt it in my stomach, it was turning over in a way that you have no reason to believe you are going to throw up, so you do no preparation in the throwing up, like say, running to your bathroom, and instead it comes upon you so quickly and violently that you roll over and throw up on your bedroom carpet.

And as you are running for the bathroom because, um, it's coming again, you are sure that you glimpse this horrifying sight out of the corner of your eye:

Your ten pound Chihuahua treating your floor like it's his very own snack bar. Oh! Note to self: "Don't let that little beast kiss you on the lips tonight."

So, welcome to my life. We're taking a snuggle and cuddle in the bed to get better and we'll catch up on Saturday, if not before!

This blog is dedicated to dogs who act like Hoovers.