Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adventure Bowl
I Like Guns!

First of all, I loved all the comments in the post "The Weekly Ranting of A Delightful Lunatic." I'm so glad I am not the only one who has to get something off my chest about babies, ice coffee, cell phones, tip jars, dog doo and Vespas!

Next time, if you find banging madly on a key board to an anonymous blog doesn't get your inner rage out and throwing the tip jar at Starbucks across a room seems just this side of crazy, I've got the perfect way to blow off steam.

Let's shoot guns!

I used to be a wuss and the closest thing I wanted to a gun experience was wearing a t-shirt from this place called "Gun Heaven." I thought it would make me look tough until someone asked me if I ever "shot" there and I had to confess, "No, I... i just have the t-shirt."


I pulled this lil' adventure from the Adventure Bowl and I was so excited. Maybe I was just ready to embrace my inner Angelina Jolie after seeing "Wanted," I don't know, but I wanted to shoot something, something bad!

I can't believe they just let any ol' person walk into these gun clubs and start shooting but luckily they do. And if you go on a day that's not busy, they'll spend a good amount of time with you, give you some instruction and let you pick out a gun that suits you best, ("Do you have any that are pink? I'm kidding. Okay, I'm not, do you?").

Then you throw on your "eyes and ears" - that's gun club talk for protection, line up and blast away. It's totally fun and completely empowering in a way that shooting squirt guns is not. Though I did wonder if I needed a hepatitis C shot after being in my little semi-grimy area. But it wouldn't be cool if it weren't a lil' grimy.

So go shoot guns people. Because you never know when you might want to switch jobs from an lifeless office worker to a highly skilled assasin.

And if you're not going to do that, do something else that makes you feel a little fearless this weekend.

This blog is dedicated to being a stone cold fox.