Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Am Right Here

UPDATE:  Sorry every one!  I have been so busy but in a good way!  Starting to overcome my fears lead to some great strides this week.  I want to tell you all about it and how I did it.  I will post soon!)

This picture, it describes it all.  Exactly where I am.  I want to write a post about getting past your fears to go after something you are afraid of.

Fear.  It stops us all.

Two of my good friends and I have been letting fear hold us back.  This week - all THREE of us had breakthroughs, threw aside the fear, went for it, got results.  So I really want to write about what we did to get it done.  Maybe it will help you or a friend of yours.

I have quite a huge deadline tomorrow but I will put up a post tomorrow!


PS, to anyone who left me a comment on my last post, THANK YOU so much!  I just finished responding to all the comments!