Friday, October 26, 2007

Super, Wonderfully, Fantastically, Incredibly Intoxicated

Okay. Fine. Drunk. No, not drunk. Intoxicated. Intoxicated is two beers (fine, three) + Bliss. So it's intoxicated and not drunk. Here's the deal: I'm starting my new life. A new life that requires me to not be in bed but to be out, about and really live. Here's one of the first tips I'm going to pass on so you can start to make your life more groovy. ASK FOR HELP. That's what I did tonight and it totally paid off. I "rang the alarm" as Beyonce would say (though I'm not totally sure of the definition, I think it means to let everybody know something). So I let my girls know: I NEED SOME COMPANY. I pondered as I called and emailed, "How do you say, I'm depressed, I need my girls?" The thing about sometimes being depressed is you can't creatively think on your feet (i.e. lie). So I went with a more different approach: THE TRUTH. "Hey, what's up, it's me. Listen... I'm depressed and I need my girls." Wow. It felt freeing, weird, exciting. And you know what? No one really asked questions, no one freaked out. They just showed up, one by one at this cool little bar (with couches, which is very important, because I am going from my bed life, and I'm not quite ready for "sitting" life, so a couch is a very non-threatening way to start. And we drank and laughed and looked at boys and gossiped and I THOUGHT: I'M SO LUCKY... BECAUSE I'M NOT ALONE. And I don't know if I knew that yesterday. So go ahead... try it. You don't even need to have beer. You can go out for... pudding. Pudding is good. You don't even have to talk about why you feel down. I didn't. I just needed to know I had friends. That = Bliss.


Madhouse said...

OH MY GOOD GOD! This rocks. You are onto something. Something huge and wonderful -- life out of the wonderful cocoon we call bed. I go from couch to bed everyday and you are going to be my inspiration. I might even take a shower... things are looking up. Thank you thank you thank god for you... the wind beneath my bedsheets.

Anonymous said...

I would Love for this to happen to me, unfortunately the women I have tried to be friends with (as in me doing all the calling, noone least I am trying)never call back, so hence, I have no friends. I even live in a house with 6 other women and none of us want to Bond, per se. *I* wanted to, but it was made clear to me that They do not.Oh boy, I am really sick of myself today.

I Wish I had a Posse to come by, you're lucky..and I Am enjoying your writing.