Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why I Think It Might Be "That Time of the Month"

I think it might be that time of the month. All I want to do is unscrew OREOS, pour salt all over the yummy white frosted parts and then devour them. That would be after having a sensible lunch of MEAT BALL PIZZA and CHEETOS.


Soilel said...

I just spent the last half hour (at least) reading your blog. I loved it. It was funny, real, honest, deep.
I saved it to my "favorite places". It's people like you, and yes I have a "joy friend" who does this as well, who make me more aware of what I am feeling and let me know it's Ok.

Jennifer said...

Your blog is fabulous!!

YogaGrrl said...

Your blog ROCKS! :D
I am laughing so hard while I'm reading it!