Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Adventure Bowl 2008

Life doesn't have to be boring. Fun times are not just reserved for Hawaiian vacations.

My co-worker H used to make fun of me because I am an obsessive-compulsive list maker. There is something so satisfying about writing something down you have to do and then crossing it off. This morning I was thinking, "Why do all the things on my list have to be so damn boring?" Do I want them to put on my headstone, "She always remembered to go to the bank and buy stamps."

Hell no!

A few years ago, when I felt my life was getting insanely routine: wake, workout, work, TV time, sleep, RINSE REPEAT, I decided to make a list of all the fun things I wanted to do. Then I put them on little scraps of paper and put them in a big clear bowl - THE ADVENTURE BOWL.

On the weekend, I would have to pick one thing AND I WOULD HAVE TO DO IT! It really injected a sense of fun, adventure and spontaneity into my life that I REALLY needed. Sometimes, I could grab a friend to go with me, sometimes not, but the point was NOT to waste weekend time with just running errands, returning phone calls and paying bills.

So, I am whipping the Adventure Bowl back out for '08. Anyone care to join me? The best thing about this one is it's going to be The Frugal Girl's Adventure Bowl as my accountant (my Bank of America bank statement) says that's the only way it can be done!

What's your idea of adventure? Here's the thing, it doesn't have to be that hard. It can be, "I'm going to get a pedicure today in a color I have never gotten before." "I'm going to take a new class at the gym today." "I'm going to sit in a beautiful hotel lobby with a cup of tea and write in my journal." "I'm going to show up at the soup kitchen and serve lunch."

The best thing is this not only feeds you with FUN, but it can help if you and a boyfriend or even you and your kids need to push yourself into doing something new.

Okay, here's my list which I reserve the right to add to:

1) Have a margarita at The Beverly Hills Pennisula Hotel, outside by the fireplace
2) Go to the MOMA downtown - I love Modern Art, I feel so much less intimidated by it
3) Suri Bikes! Have you ever seen these? They are these crazy Italian bikes that look like carts, you ride up front but they have four wheels and everyone I ever see riding them looks like they are having a blast!
4) Yoga, yoga, yoga. First class, always free.
5) I want to sit up at The Griffin Observatory at night and watch the sunset
6) Rock climbing. There is a store on the westside where you can do demos for free.
7) Rent a bike and ride along the ocean. Watch cute surfers after.
8) Take a pottery class, there is a drop in place in L.A.
9) China Town! I love China Town for the bright colors, the browsing, the peole watching, the food and the art. A nice walk around and then maybe have a friend join me for dinner.
10) Volunteer - now that I did my orientation, I can pick up a shift at the children's hospital or I can go down to the women's shelter which always welcomes me with open arms
11) Pool crash - every now and then, this must be done. You dress very nicely and go to a fancy hotel of your choice. How can they tell you don't belong there? One Miller Lite later, I'm swimming with unsuspecting guests.
12) I want to be on a boat or a jet ski or both but this doesn't fit even in the realm of my pocket book but I will scour away until I figure this one out!

Okay, I know I have many, many more. So I will add a part two to this list. If anyone can suggest fun things to do in any city for under $10 bucks, leave it in the comments section and INSPIRE us all :)


Katie said...

Go on a nature hike armed with a digital camera - see the world from a different perspective. (A few of interesting ones: as a child... as a bug... as a tourist) ... You'll be amazed at the pictures you come up with!

thesleepycat said...

Go to your nearest Barnes & Noble, and sit down in one of their super comfy chairs with a latte. Then spend the afternoon reading magazines or any books that looks interesting for free! =]

Surfergrrl said...

do a wine tasting/beer tasting/cooking demo at a store like whole foods. they are usually under 10 bucks. i think lulumon has free or cheap fitness into fitness classes too.

drive up the pch and sit on a quiet beach.

go to the free free!

participate in midnight ridazz/or one of the local critical mass events.

take a morning hike in will rogers state park.

go to the library and read all the trashy magazines you didn't have to pay for.

TwinkleTwinkle said...

Go to a movie at the theater that uve always wanted to see, either it be the dollar theater, an old movie thats re=playing, or a brand new block buster! (And make sure u bring a big purse and SNEAK in the snacks instead of paying $3.00 for a small diet coke!)

Cheerathlt14 said...

I'm starting mine tonight =] You continue to inspire me! I love the idea!

Obsessedwithlife said...

Very cool idea-I love it!

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion to help you with your pool crashing! I went to LA on vacation last year, and found that the staff of the Roosevelt Hotel are extremely friendly and accomodating (especially the valet who strongly resembles Will Smith). They let my friend and me walk right in, knowing full well that we didn't belong there, but they showed us where all the cool stuff (Marilyn Monroe's mirror, the ballroom where the first Oscars ceremeony was held, etc) was and gave us free reign to explore. This could be an easy pool to crash! But if you do, you must post about it!


adventure grrl said...

Anonymous - I have actually crashed that pool - many a time! My biggest challenge - crash the pool at the Bel Air Hotel - the swank-y-est LA hotel, probably one of the most exclusive in the US of A. I even wore a dress and guess what - STONE COLD BUSTED!!! The attendant came up to me and said, "Room number please?" I said, "No, thank you." I just thought he'd buzz off. HE SAID TO ME, "Perhaps you were looking for the bar."

THE BAR!!! I wore a dress for this ruse. My friend R was laughing so hard he was crying and I have never lived it down. :)

Em said...

i say we conquer Chinatown while E is in town. And Skirball is free on Thursdays and right now they have an exhibit where a guy went around the world making balloon hats for people to make them smile and took pictures.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been in a while, but I need to go ice skating, it is about $7.00 bucks and I even have a pass in my purse. I rollerblade on most saturday mornings with my son. I am learning spanish on my Nintendo DS, and I am shooting Zombies with my wii (resident evil umbrella chronicles). My best friend bought me the wii for a christmas/birthday gift. My dad bought me the DS for boring trips to doctors offices. I guess I am pretty lucky. I am having breakfast with my college age sister on Saturday to catch up (Ihop is not that expensive). Today is a total adventure, I am taking my trash to the dump and going grocery shopping. I live in a area with no trash pick up! I love your list and most of the suggestions you got, I hope I can find the time to do some of them but in an area where we don't even have trash pick up and we have one streetlight that my neighbor petitioned for I think alot of them are out of my league! Good luck with the list!

L Paige said...

You have inspired me to keep a blog as my online journal, if you want to read it the link is I don't know if this address will actually work but if you since I am a novice it's the best I can do. Keep up the good work, I really love your blog and you inspire me!!
Thank you,

thesleepycat said...

Hope you're gonna post another monthly progress reports on your revolutions/resolutions =]

You seem to be doing so well and most importantly having fun. Thanks for sharing with us all of your hilarious wisdom, love and joy!!! <3

Two Date Diva said...

Oh My God this is a great idea! Especially for those of us who really want to do more than veg in front of the TV/computer on Saturday and Sunday but can never think of anything to do. No More excuses!

Skye said...

How about read one book a weekend on your bookshelf that you've never read? And go to Chace Park in Marina Del Rey to do it. It's my favorite park in LA and I live in the valley.

Get your friends together to do a picture scavenger hunt. Be it teams or just a big group of girls. Make tasks and get strangers involved. Do it at a crowded place like the Grove or 3rd Street.

Go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screenings (summer only). They show old movies every week out on the lawn and the movie always includes someone who is buried in the cemetery.

Go bowling.

Go to the arcade (the Pinz at Coldwater Canyon and Ventura has a good one).

Take a walk on the beach.

Go wedding dress "shopping". Don't forget the "ring"!

Go get a makeover at a make-up counter at the mall. Usually free or you have to buy one thing.

Someone said the Getty but I wanted to second it.

That's all I can think of for now. Keep up the adventuring!

Anonymous said...

Call your friends to bring over a casserole for a spontaneous brunch.
Make them all wear a hat.
Have a birthday party for your dog.
Wear something really goofy to shop in at the mall just for fun.
Lay on your back and take pictures of the clouds.
Make funny greeting cards.
Cut pictures out of magazines and do a full page collage with them.
Cook something totally new and interesting.
Go to the airport and people watch.
See all the tourist things in your city.
Listen to Elvis while eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
Ask the administrator of a nursing home if you can read to a person there...or write letters for someone.
Dress up like a clown and visit with the kids in the hospital.
Just have fun! Don't worry about what others think of you -- who really cares?
Mary in Missouri

Anonymous said...

OK, so I might not be great with cheap. But, here in Birmingham we have this class called Sips N Strokes. It is an art class that you pay $25 and up to paint a canvas painting. You are completely guided through the whole painting and encouraged to bring your own wine. The paintings are always quirky and cute too!

Oh and every year we talk about having an adult easter egg hunt where you put a miniature bottle of liquor or something fun in each egg. So instead of talking about it, we will be throwing a party this year! It's going to be awesome!

Other than that stuff that isn't cheap. I always enjoy going to the state park and renting a canoe or paddle boat and just relaxing out on the water. I think it cost $6 to rent so that is a plus! Oh and picnics are always fun too.

adventure grrl said...

Awesome ideas, ladies, I am so revising my list!!!

And I promise to post on this weekends adventure which involved toes... and a power tool. Intrigued?

Solshine said...

Okay, I'm one of the people who have had your blog up for, like, hours and I just want you to know I'm not some evil stalker. I just procrastinate horribly and have kept meaning to come back to your blog to read it. I did not have much time when I first found it. (I sometimes rue the day I discovered Firefox and multiple tab browsing)

I love your Adventure Bowl and would make one of my own, but I know I would not follow through with half the ideas. However, in the spirit of the blog here are some of my suggestions:

Go to the World Wide Labyrinth Locator ( and find a free labyrinth in your area to walk. It takes care of the adventure & meditation aspect of your journey. - has some great free groups you can hook up with. Free bellydancing lessons anyone?

The privately owned spiritual bookstores usually have some cool free class going on.

Volunteer at the dog shelter

Free art festival, concert or movie - there is almost always something going on here in Orlando - I can only imagine LA has multiple free things to choose from.

Get a manicure to match that pedicure.

Take that journal to the beach

Bravely venture into a touristy area and people-watch - guess where different people are from.


Keep blogging! You're hilarious!