Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adventure Bowl
Let's Kick Ass & Takes Names Later

UPDATE: Overwhelmed by all the comments and new readers. There are pics up on Facebook of this week's adventure which was GLORIOUS! I'll post about it this weekend. Love you guys!

If you can come up with a better title to this post, please leave it in the comment section. The winner will get some used perfume I don't want anymore. (Hmmm, you think everything here is so serious? Well, hold onto your Chuck Taylors.)

Okay, so a lot of readers wanted a list of some of the adventures that are in the bowl so you can an idea of what I'm up to.

I'm so excited that there are so many new readers (100 more people followed me on Twitter today). For the New-new, I wanted to say I'm doing one adventure a week as a way to keep the blues away & live life to the fullest. I got a jolt of a wake-up call when my Mom told me my cousin has brain cancer and had a tumor the size of a softball taken out of his head.

I started crying when she told me (and yes, I know this is a super selfish confession...) realized if I had been told the same news, I would not be proud of how I've lived my life so far.

I have not taken enough chances; I have been too afraid about finances; I have not had a back bone when I should have; I have kept too many secrets; I have not chased my dreams to my fullest (fear of failure, fear of success, fear of mediocrity); I have not traveled - always saying, "I'll do it later... after this big project"; I have not laughed enough; I have not loved enough, I have put a wall up way too far, I have not felt the full potential of my own JOY and it's my own fault.

I hold myself back.

I do these things... and it's not even conscious anymore.

I don't want to be this way anymore.

I am doing these weekly adventures because I think if we surprise ourselves, step out of our comfort zones, be spontaneous, confront fears, give ourselves JUST ONE HOUR to smile... then we will feel the reward. The spark. That little part of ourselves, that used to be a bigger part of ourselves, that gets smaller and smaller the more we work, and run errands, and cross things off our list and put every one else before ourselves.

So let's not do that anymore. That hasn't been working out quite so well for us, has it?

So here we go! Here's a small sample of what's in the bowl:

1) Ride a motorcycle BY MYSELF (I have always wanted to... I have to start going after things that I really want).

2) Learn pottery (I want to feel like a kid again, when things were simplier & smiles and laughter were never in short supply.)

3) Get pink hair (I stop myself from doing things because I worry to much what people think).

4) Show up at the airport with no plan and get on a plane (My biggest regret in life is that I am so scared of finances THAT I NEVER LET MYSELF GO! I need to believe in abundance and GO FOR IT).

5) Help change someone's life. (Someone swore I already did this but It's back in the bowl.)

6) Be in a roller derby. ('Cause it scares the shit out of me. Because I am tired of everything scaring the shit out of me. Since I dislocated my shoulder & broke my arm, I am waaaay to cautions. i want to be reckless.)

7) Kayak the Venice canals (Venice, California people. What? you think I'm made of money???? This ain't no "Eat Pray Love.")

8) Take a helicopter ride (How? Have 3 yard sales in order to fund this. See above, re: $ situation)

9) Curate an art show (I know so many creative people & friends that no one will give a break to. Someone gave a break to me. I want to give that back.)

10) Get "down there" waxed (Nope, never done it.)

11) Make out with a stranger (Self-explanatory).

12) Bring flowers to someone in the hospital. (Because when my Mom was in the hospital, when I was, I saw so many lonely people and it TAKES SO LITTLE to be kind to someone else.)

13) Go to "beer making" class (Joy, something new, something I can show my Dad. We don't bond over conversation, we bond over experiences.)

14) Follow a band I love from city to city. (Note to self: have 4th yard sale.) (This has been a dream of a life time. I grew up too fast, took on too much responsibility. Worked too hard. I want to go back and fix this one thing. I want to be a good example to my nephews.)

15) Make out with a stranger. (Yeah, I know... but c'mon.)

Of course there are a million more. Well, not a million. Want to know what they are? i guess you'll just have to come along for the ride.

Am I scared? Hell, yeah, I am. I cried laying this whole post down because I realized that I have... lost a lot of who I am. Someone, God or Budda or Elvis keeps giving me a direct sign to LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST and I keep fucking ignoring him/her. How many signs will I ignore? Ending up in the hospital with heart beating 3x as fast as it should and having it stopped and restarted - check! Having my cousin killed by a maniac - check! Falling down a hill, having a tramautic brain injury (docs words, not mine) & needing surgery - check! Hearing my cousin, a cancer researcher, might die from cancer?

Oh, no. Not ignoring that.

I don't think the post "You Can Get To The Other Side" would have gotten as huge a response if more people didn't feel like me. Feels good to not be alone. You're not alone either.

So who's up for some pink hair?

If you love this post, ReTweet it or Facebook it. It would mean a lot to me xoxoxoxo. (PS, if you post on FB, let me know so I can personally thank you!)

xoxoxoxo Let's get to the other side.


dreamgypsie said...

I'm thinking more of a deep blue :)

Molly said...

Omigod, just shovers, shivers and excitement. I need this so bad, I am following you and so excited that I found this blog.

MouseDemon said...

Hello. I am one of the Newbies. Followed you over from myCSL. Am loving the blog. Have you ever heard of 1001 Things To Do In 101 Days? Basically it is simply, do all the things you want to do and give yourself a time limit. I am trying to do that, although haven't been as good as keeping to it as I should.

Anyway, PINK HAIR! Just go for it. It's only hair at the end of the day, and it will fade/grow out, or even be cut off if you hate it. And you might just love it.

I am going BRIGHT RED in a couple of weeks, ready for a HARDROCK festival I am going to! EEK! Now that's scary! :P

prettyneato said...

Great ideas!

When I was (much) younger, I was going away for Spring Break with friends. I died my hoo-hah hair smurf blue and THEN made out with a stranger ... fun times! I'd be able to check two things off your list!

I can't wait to read more adventures :)

Anonymous said...

ooo I definitely have an addiction to waxing "down there". I love it! ...of course it hurts like hell, but then you're hair-free!

Kristin said...

I highly recommend learning to ride a motorcycle, dying hair pink, and following a band city to city. In fact, do all three at once and you'll have the time of your life. xo

Quinn Hay said...

I just came across your blog and absolutely LOVE it. I am doing the same type of thing on my blog, but yours is MUCH, MUCH better.

Brooke212 said...

This post moved me to tears. Seriously, my boss keeps walking by my office wondering why I am having a crying jag. I get this post on the deepest level, I feel like you, like parts of me that have slipped away.

But I'm inspired to find them again.

essentialascend said...

Totally pumped about your decision to go pink! You should go hot bubblegum pink. Don't just go flat pink, but maybe incorporate your natural color are darker pinks as streaks, make it less of a statement & more of a hairstyle, ya know?

What color is your hair?

tw!nkleTw!nkle said...

You want to get your hoo-ha waxed???? Are you sure this fits under the category "adventure" and not "torture"??

You have a ton of great and awesomely fun ideas in there :) One of my secrets is that I've always wanted pink hair. I had pink hair (i put streaks underneath my blonde hair, so they popped out but it wasnt too crazy, there a pic under "oldskool" on my fb!) and I've been wanting to do just a STREAK ever since. But I cant bring myself to do it. I'm such a chicken. But I'm going to take this step one day, I'll do it when you pull that one from the bowl! You're not alone in this, we all love you and I think you should write a damn book. but thats just me ;)

As always,
your Tw!nkle

Melody said...

Fanastic post and awesome list. inspiring !!!

anji said...

I know you are thinking of going pink but - here's a link for you to check out...

Her name is Eva and she passed away from CF after a double-lung transplant. Since last year when she went public, organ donation has skyrocketed, up 300% at least, as a result of her efforts.

Just an idea but - how about dying your hair her beautiful, vibrant red colour and help spread the word for organ donation, even if it was just for one day :)

She was about living each day to the fullest, living and loving everyone. In her memorial videos, there is a video of her in theatre class at the university where she plays the roles of about 7 characters in a span of 5 minutes. She was a character, a real hoot! I'm sure she's someone you would have loved...

anyways, her message is Love, Love, Love. I believe the third video in the high-def (on that website) has the video clip of her in the skit.

If you don't want to get out and live life, after seeing her site... well, I don't think anything will!

Take care!

trulytrayce said...

Love love love. I do like adventure bowl...some more ideas: BRING IT ON BOWL, BOWL of BADASS STUFF TO DO;),

hee hee or back to "Adventure Bowl"

regardless love your words. thank you for your honesty and perspective! xo

Footdr69 said...

Adventure bowl works for me!!!! I LOVE the concept!!!! You are TONS OF FUN!!!!! Pink hair, eh?!? Oh What the Hell!!! I'M IN!!!!! ;-)

Betsy said...

You are awesome!!!!

KittyKat said...

Love this blog so much. I hope you wrote a book some day. it's beautiful reading.

Chibi Jeebs said...

I've wanted a chunk of bright pink or purple hair for SO LONG! First I was a chicken, then I was working in too uptight of an office, and now... I don't even know what my convenient excuse is now. :-s

Figgy said...

I am crazy about your blog!!! So inspired after reading this post. Going back to read it all.

Maria said...
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RealFitMama said...

I have to say that I love your list! A few of the things on there I have actually done, but the idea to create the bowl and pull out an adventure is amazing. Good luck. Keep posting. I'll keep reading!

RealFitMama said...

I have to say that I love your list! A few of the things on there I have actually done, but the idea to create the bowl and pull out an adventure is amazing. Good luck. Keep posting. I'll keep reading!

RealFitMama said...

I have to say that I love your list! A few of the things on there I have actually done, but the idea to create the bowl and pull out an adventure is amazing. Good luck. Keep posting. I'll keep reading!

adventure grrl said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the beautiful comments! I read them all and try and get back to everyone on their blogs or Twitter. It really fuels the little spark in me that I am trying to set into FIRE of change in my life.

Thank you again.

PS, to Anj, beautiful story. Organ transplantation is very near to my heart. My Dad had both a heart and kidney transplant (donated by me!). I will put red hair in the adventure bowl in honor of Eva.

Mar said...

Your blog is so awesome! I really needed something like this right now in my life and it is fueling me to do something similar. Maybe not as drastic, but I am definitely thinking about how I can get out there and have fun again. I seem to have lost myself. I am debating picking up blogging again and I think that this will be a main focus on my blog. Heck, I might even start an adventure bowl myself! Today I get to scratch one of the first things off my list, I am going to to a book launch! Something I have always wanted to do!

You are an inspiration and you are doing great things. Please keep it up!

BettyLouWho said...


AubreyMo said...

I've been away and missed your blog! Definitely do the pottery. It's therapeutic (man, I sound like your typical "here is what you need to do" person. Ugh. Ignore me).

But while I'm at it - go on that helicopter ride. Look around at different prices, I got ours pretty cheap and it was the experience of a lifetime.

Amy T Schubert said...

Here's an adventure for you ...
Go to Malibu (Leo Carillo, specifically) at low tide (around sunset) and look for starfish and sea anenomes ...
SO fun!
My hubby and I did this for our anniversary last year.