Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm Watching You Watching Me :)

Really, it's not as creepy as it sounds! But my lil' "Sitemeter" tells me almost 1,000 of you have logged on in less than two weeks! Awesome. Don't worry, I don't know who you are, where you are, I can just tell how many hits I get and what pages you like the best. But why not tell me what you like instead?! Anything you want to know? Want me to blog about? Anything you and your friends are going through that I can write about? Well, I'm off to type my little heart out. Should have a post up in a hour or so. Thanks for ROCKIN' MY WORLD with your cool feedback and comments. xo ;)


Shenna said...

I like this blog! I just found it, but it's cute.

Ideas to blog about?
How about blogging about a man who wants asks you to be in a relationship, then a month later tells you he can't take it? AND when he said he loved you, he meant he loved you as a friend knowing damn well YOU meant it as in "I'm in love with you."
Sorry, I just had to vent that because I have not told anyone and it's weighing on my brain.LOL

adventure grrl said...

Dear Shenna,
I think I've dated this guy's brother. LOL. Hang in there and don't take any gruff.

Anonymous said...

Just keep writing what you're writing, that's why I check in everyday.


Julia said...

So I obviously just found your blog today and I've become the comment queen. This is my last one, I promise. I just wanted to say it's as much *how* you write as what you write about. I love your style! It's clear to see how you got a job writing sitcoms, though to be honest, I'm enjoying this blog more than any sitcom I've ever watched. I bet you could put together a collection of your best posts and get a publisher interested in a book! I'd buy it for all my friends!

adventure grrl said...

Julia, Your AWESOME comments leave me speechless, girl, and that is hard to do! Please continue to be "The Comment Queen" as my self-esteen is completely tied to the number of comments per post! xo