Saturday, December 15, 2007


Even though I woke up with a massive head cold and even though I woke up spooning with the bum of my 9 pound Chihuahua, I just know THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER.

Thanks for sharing it with me! I'm going to blog later, for sure. Right now, I must partake in being worshiped by one of my BEST-IES while eating a BIRTHDAY CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKE. (The lady behind the Weight Watchers counter with the perpetual puss would SO be frowning on me right now :)


Tasha10 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i just had mine last Monday, but it sucked cuz i spent the whole day and night studying for finals :'(

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, baby! May all your dreams come true. Especially the sexy ones. xoxox L

Basic Me said...

Happy Birthday and screw the Weight watchers woman.. enjoy the day you are fabulous.. plus calories, bad news, and scales dont work on your birthday on good energy and light. callie

Surfergrrl said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you spend it in a really fun way!
-Sufergrrl (formerly Tonya)

Anonymous said...


Save me a pancake!!!! :) They sound delish!

Rhea said...

Wish you a very happy birthday dear . Hope u have a awesome year ahead :)

adventure grrl said...

Thatnks for all the birthday wishes! I spent the day defying the ladies of Weight Watchers by eating the following:
1) French Onion Soup (Better Than Making Out With a Boy)
2) Crab Cake (Heaven)
3) Artichoke Ravioli (Vegetable) in some sort of cream sauce which has probably taken at least 7 years off my life AND SO WORTH IT!!