Saturday, December 1, 2007

You Will NOT BELIEVE The Letter I Got Today

I think my mail man likes to torture me.

I saw the little smirk on his face when he dropped this BOMB SHELL of a letter IN MY MAIL BOX. It's just too much to take. Even IT coming with an "US Magazine" with Jessica Simpson on the cover being "tortured by regret" doesn't cushion the blow. I'm taking a Benedryl for my rash and 1/2 a Klonopin for my MAJOR ANXIETY and unless that's a LETHAL COMBINATION, I will blog about this later.


mary said...

You are an amazing writer. All of your problems can be solved by this blog.

A memoir.

You would sell gazillions of copies and Oprah would love you. Hot guys, The Four Seasons, blowing your Mom's mind, it is all here for you.
I read ALOT and you have such a style and wit that millions of women ( and fabby gay men) will relate too. I am not kidding. Print this stuff out, shop a publisher, and go for it. Yes, it will require change and effort, but there are so many people you will help who are just like us.

I started reading your blog because I was depressed. I was so depressed I was jealous of your depression because I thought you had it easier than me.

You have a gift with words, use it.
P.S. Dying to hear about the letter

adventure grrl said...

You make me want to cry... TEARS OF JOY. I'd think you were my Mom with these LOVER-LEY compliments, but quite frankly, she would kill me if she knew I was writing this!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed something delicious with this blog will happen but right now, I'm JUST LOVIN' connecting with groovy gals like YOU!