Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Clarification & A Shout Out of Love

Thank you guys for all your AMAZING comments on "YOU ARE NOT ALONE." I love them all and there are so many I want to address but... I've been busy working on my tan in Hawaii.

There is one I do want to comment on, though, someone said: "Ok Enough of this - i want to lose weight, i want to forget the pain stuff. I want to see a post which says, i will lose weight, and a post two months later saying , i have done it. Thats what i want to see."

Here's the thing... THIS IS NOT A DIETING BLOG.

This is a journey out of DEPRESSION and part of that depression has been weight gain (I have like, 2 extra butts). But I'm not going to be posting exercise tips and what I ate for the day.

Because THIS is deeper than THAT.

I told my friend S when I knew I was going to call the blog "100 Days in Bed" that I should set a goal to GET OUT of the mess I was in - in 100 Days.

It's brilliant! It's amazing! No one in the history of blog writing HAS EVER come up with a better idea. I will probably be put on the cover of some blog type magazine!

S said, "This "getting out of your mess" in 100 Days thing - that's a gimmick. This is life. It may take you 100 days, it might take 10,000 days."

Oh, right... "LIFE." (eye roll)

So, you won't see in two months that I "lost all the weight" or that I'm "over the pain."

You're stuck with me for A LOT longer than that! It didn't just take me 100 days to get here, IT KINDA TOOK ME... ALL MY LIFE.

In a lot of the comments from "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" a lot of people did want some ideas for how I'm trying to change or how I'm staying motivated and I will get more specific about that. BECAUSE THAT IS THE JOURNEY WE'RE ALL IN. And I think we'll ALL get there faster, INSPIRING each other.

But I want to really dedicate some time to that.

After I get home on the 23rd... but before my tan wears off. I promise! :)


RIRed1969 said...

You inspire me daily, I loooooove your blog. I can't wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you that this is not a dieting blog, but a recovering from depression experience.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression over a year ago {but was depressed much longer than that}, and I gained 30 pounds without even realizing it. What people don't understand is that depression is not just a mood, it affects your ENTIRE life... and one of the biggest areas it affects is your motivation.

As you mentioned in your blog, you've been leading up to this point your entire life. You can't just snap out of it, or recover in a few weeks. I took me a year {and still going} of therapy, medication, change, etc. to get to the recovered point where I'm at today. It's not an instant gratification process.

You are doing wonderful! I think it is great that you're writing down events that have brought you to where you are today. And you are taking action to losing weight {ie: ww}. But the weight is really just a side effect of the depression. You're learning how to live again, and that's the most important thing.

I can't wait to read more! ((hugs))

<3 JL

thesleepycat said...

love this post. It's so inspiring to me because so many times I've set myself up for failure by saying that I have to be TOTALLY PERFECT and do things THIS WAY ONLY by THIS TIME and if I don't then I fail forever. But you're so right, life isn't like that. we all just have to move through it no matter what, so why not be happy and have fun doing it?

I know you will lose the weight though, whether in 100 days or 1000 days... and I wouldn't be suprised if you were on the cover of some, blog type or otherwise, magazine. you got too much power, joy and laughter for life to stay in your bed forever! :)

hope_laughter said...

Yeah Tell them, set them right. Yes, someone else that sees this is a life long process. There is no snap your fingers and everything is okay solution. That stopped when I finally decided to be an adult. Love that about my childhood for the most part mom and dad could fix everything.

kattt3 said...

I've always been wary of blogs - never really looked at any, but just figured it was some sort of self-indulgent waste of space on the ever-growing internet. But after being on self's website I took a look at yours and love it so much! Please keep writing and I'll keep reading. I especially love the taco and mother story - brilliant. Good luck!

LilCherie said...

Its nice to see someone who has the same thoughts that I do! It is hard for me to remember it took me almost 37 years to get to where I am and I should not expect an overnight miracle! Keep up what you are doing. and keep inspiring others!

adventure grrl said...

I'm so glad you all haven't abandoned me!!! We're ALL going to have A GROOVY RIDE to happier more self-examined lives. At least, that's where I'm going and I WOULD LOVE YOU all to come along for the ride. xo

Mandy said...

I'm SO with you! I've been down that hole and climbed out and trust me, it takes time. As they say, it's a marathon, not a sprint and anyone who expects quick results will only be disappointed.

I do want to see positive results for you, don't get me wrong - I love the posts where you lose 2 lbs or fit into something better or have a better attitude - but the reality is that there will be setbacks and bad days in between the good stuff. That's life and we all need to be able to deal with the bad as well as the good.

Go team!