Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pre Mature Champagne-U-lation

I like to make up words. My favorites were "Stressful-itis" and "Overwhelmed-ness" as in, "I've come down with a horrible case of stressful-itis due to the overwhelmed-ness I'm feeling at work. I read on this girl's blog, 100 days in bed that, in order to recover, I must immediately get under the covers with two old fashioned donuts."

But my new favorite word is "Pre Mature Champagne-U-Lation." That's when your friends pop champagne for you and you celebrate some good news and then the good news goes away. See, it's like a play on pre mature ejaculation, but less disgusting and sad.

Anyway, my friends and I pre mature champagne-u-lated on a job I was told I got. "It's your job! You beat out all the candidates. You should drink mass quantities of quality champagne in order to celebrate!"

Ooo, and we did. Then this "job" has mysteriously not come to fruition and I have the embarassing task of every Wednesday night, when we have our Project Runway Party, of updating all the guests that ask, "Hey, what happened with that job of yours we were celebrating?"

I'm usually a CALM, COLLECTED GIRL, but I feel like if I am asked one more time about said, mysteriously disappearing job, I might just scream, "YOU GOT TO DRINK FORTY-FIVE DOLLAR CHAMPAGNE! ISN'T THAT ENOUGH???? MUST YOU KEEP BARRAGING ME WITH THESE QUESTIONS?????"

But quite frankly, I don't want to get kicked out of the Project Runway Party because it's like, the best thing I've got going for me. Plus, I imagine if I were to make such a scene, as the hostess was bouncing me and my pup out they door, she might just turn to me an say, "You owe me $45.00 for that champagne."


Surfergrrl said...

I could never afford your friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Adventure grrl,
I am sorry that your job did not work out. I think your friends care enough about you to console you about it and not charge you for the champagne. You will get a great job and probably write a great book, don't let a little set back get you down.

Dee said...

Don't let one bump in the road bring you to a halt, the slow down is inevitable though. Keep your head up, no matter how difficult it may be at times.

Besides, maybe it just wasn't meant to be? There will be another job. And more champagne. And honestly? Every day is a reason to drink champagne, think of it as...a toast to life? Don't hyper focus it with the job.

Anonymous said...

dude, that totally blows. it makes you really doubt ever trying to celebrate anything for yourself, because then it won't happen. just see this as allowing you to have the opportunity for something greater... at least that's what we have to believe!! :)

adventure grrl said...


And Surfergrrl - that bottle of champagne was a gift to my friends, so technically, free to them. They love me... but not that much! :)

adventure grrl said...

P.S. Dee said, "Every day is a day to drink champagne, think of it as a toast to life."

AWESOME! I love that idea.


SEE what happens when you become a SAHM? You miss out on all the fun of PRParties and delicious bubblies, and jobs that are discussed whether obtained or not..
that's ashame for the present, but it only means (and again, pardon me for sounding old and motherly at only 33, but,..) I bet there's something seriously fabulous around the corner.

I make up words's more fun that way!

I hope you don't mind, but I added you to roll call of ALISTERS in blog land. YOu're deserving of a lot more then that..I don't care what the people at the "invent-a job-and-tell-someone-that-they-got it-only-to-make-someone-of-said-worthy-character-feel-like doodie-deuces" thinks. They'll be sorry they denied you when they hear about your worth at the next new venture!


GoGo said...

You are so talented, I have never been addicted to someone's blog like this. I have no worries everything will turn out beautiful for you soon-ly.

Mo Diva said...

That totally sucks about the job! So Sorry to hear that.
But in my current situation I am telling myself that everything happens for a reason. Maybe that job would have made you completely miserable?
Or Maybe your coworkers would have been total ass hats?
Whatever it may be, i believe something wonderful will open up for you. And I am positive it will be the perfect fit for you. :-)