Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Want To Inappropriately LICK Your Ear "Thank You"

You guys have been my rock through this visit with my Mom. As you know, it ain't been pretty and we left not speaking. I'm going to tell that story tomorrow.

In the meantime, I wanted to say HAPPY DAMN 100TH ENTRY TO ME & YOU, my awesome self-esteem picker-up Posse.

Know that, I love you all and your comments, advice and life stories are the wind beneath my Weight Watchers wings. I can't, for some technological reason beyond me, comment on your comments from my home computer but I always catch up at the library. So never feel ignored, always check back to the post. I say that because I really put your advice into action and/or always feel comforted that I am not the only one dealing with an INSANELY, DYSFUNCTIONAL family.

I cap it, 'cause it's extra true.

This post is dedicated to lady bugs.


the glitter kid said...

Right back at ya! Your blog entries continue to make me feel like I'm not the only dealing with this stuff. Now, if only I could stick with a blog and get to 100 entries. That would be amazing ;)

TwinkleTwinkle said...

HAPPY 100TH ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been with u since #1 and will continue to stay with u until #1,000,000 and beyond!!!

enolan said...

100 posts is an amazing accomplishment! I believe you are now karmically even- for every day you spent in bed, you have now made up for it with a blog post that has touched someone, made someone laugh, or made someone feel like they had a friend. ...But just don't stop posting now that you've paid your debt to the universe!

Susan said...

Cheers to your 100th entry! That really is an accomplishment! I hope it's been fully theraputic for you - I can "read" a difference in you from your 1st blog to your 100th.

As far as your mom goes...ugh. Sometimes you just need your own bubble away from your mother. Repeat after me..."Mom this is my space...and this is your space...and you shall not invade my space until you are invited to, if you are ever invited to again!"

adventure grrl said...

Thanks everybody. Susan, your comment that you can "read" a difference really makes me FEEL SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

This sounds a lot like group therapy or somethin' but - my last parting words of advice. I'm nearing on 30. I haven't done what I've want to in this life... and focusing on the negatives hasn't got me ANYWHERE. After five years of negativity, I'm no further ahead. I have to stop dwelling on te past because it's preventing me from living my future.

And seriously? We all deserve a wonderful future and a life lived without regrets.

Got that? No regrets :)