Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm Manifesting My Ass Off!

Have you guys heard of manifesting?

It's kind of like "The Secret" (which I haven't read) and kind of like positive thinking and visualizing with a little Voodoo mixed in. For instance, let's say I want to "manifest" a good trip when my Mom comes in 9 Days, 11 Hours and 14 Minutes I would make up a positive saying and repeat it often. The key though, is to say it AS IF IT'S TRUE and already happening. Say like,

"My Mom is here and we are having so much fun! It's so wonderful that she has not said anything mean about my weight, lack of a full time job or zero prospects of having a boyfriend! And even better, she doesn't want to go vibrator shopping because she's realized that is NOT appropriate mother/daughter activity!"


Listen, y'all, I am not some California Kook. I'm straight neurotic East Coast pessimist through and through. But I gotta ask, "How's that been working for me?"

When my Dad was really sick and needing a heart transplant and we didn't even know if he would find a match in time, my Mom took him to a crystal healer (eye roll). My Mom is a former nurse so it's not like she's not a practical woman who doesn't believe in medicine.

The point is... she had to believe that she was doing SOMETHING. She was and is a woman of action and she could not stand by and be powerless and feel like she was NOT doing everything to make my Dad better. Did it help? Who knows, but we know it didn't hurt. And maybe somehow, it gave my mother something back, to believe she could do things and not just be a bystander in that horrible situation.

So that's where I am. I don't want to be a bystander in my life. There are some things I want and I am willing to say I WANT THEM! I am willing to draw up my list, repeat it often and being the Type A girl I am, even have it laminated at Kinkos!

Will it work? My answer was going to be, "I don't know but I know it won't hurt." Now I will say, after writing this, "Yes, it will work!" Here's why, I believe when we name stuff, we get it, not because it just magically comes to us but because it is... named and by being named we can take the steps to make it true.

Perfect example, today I was talking to my former boss and she said to me, "How are the boys?" The boys? My nephews? My former guy co-workers? Who did she mean? OH, THE BOYS! The guys in LA, the guys I'm not thinking about, therefore not putting any vibes out for, not dressing up for, not going to places where they'll be, not exchanging numbers with and not having awkward yet thrilling first dates with.


I know it's something I want but it has not even been in my realm of possibilities. Now it is. It's on the list.

Okay, so here's what I want to know from you guys, just because I am so curious about this recent phenomenon of people really looking up from there lives and wanting to change, to make their lives more meaningful and have purpose. Mine came out of circumstance but I'm wondering, do you feel that way, too? What do you feel is missing? What new things are you trying that are helping?

Let's open up the convo and help each other out. Thanks ladies!

This blog is dedicated to Mom jeans.



Lori said...

after some review of my life i figured out that the job i am in now is poisoning me. I have gained weight, i can't sleep and i genuinely dislike going there. So in answer to your question....i am looking for a new job. this is scary too but i figure God has a plan and i can create one as i go. I am going to an interview this evening. maybe by not injecting myself daily with this "poison" i will get back to the better me. love your stuff. thanks for being a great role model.

Michele said...

I have been doing a bit of this myself after reading Eat,Pray,Love and I blogged about it here:


But mine were sort of more like "I hope.....". I think I need to revisit it and say it like I mean it. Because it does work. About 6 years ago my husband and I walked through a model home and I said "This is my dream floor plan and I will have this house someday." At the time, he laughed because it was (way) out of our league. But two years later, due to a perfect storm of resale values, new job/raise, excelletn credt and mortgage rates - we bought that house. We have been there four years now. I only wish back when I had said it that I had also said "...and it will be furnished as beautifully as this model and not like a yard sale."

One Last Milkshake... said...

I think manifesting can work. My feelings on it are somewhat conflicted because my mom has tried to force positive thinking on me for many years (of all the nerve! hehe) so I have a hard time giving in and saying, "You were right, this is a good idea" but I am warming up to it. Maybe I should start repeating, "I am successfully dealing with the emotions that come up when I blog. I am open to letting other people into my world." :)

TwinkleTwinkle said...

I WILL get my bunny to stop eating the carpet. I WILL get a job before May 2nd. I WILL move into my apartment and unpack WITHOUT killing my boyfriend. I WILL lose 2 years worth of college weight AND I WILL keep it off.

is it working yet?

Skye said...

Have you ever seen the movie "The Holiday"? Ladies, if you haven't, go rent it today. Screw that! By it. Not only is it a fabulous rom-com but the leading ladies, particularly Kate Winslets characters, are so true it's almost painful. Iris, her character, is, sadly, part of my life. She has a great line "You are supposed to be the leading lady in your own life for Christ's sake!" I try to live that everyday. Because if you aren't taking care of yourself, no one will. I definitely believe in being proactive and positive in your own life.

RadoMom said...

I just got a new job and so far I feel like a schmuck most of the time. So here we go
....I AM AN AMAZING ORGANIZED BRILLIANT person who's brain hasn't been clogged with Barney, Teletubbies and diapers for the past 6 years. I CAN step back into the workforce and complete a task... (As soon as I figure out how to unlock my laptop that my 3 year old magically permenantly locked!!!)

adventure grrl said...

Yay, ladies! Now YOU are manifesting your asses off! I love it, they are so brilliant and funny!

Lori, thank you, so sweet. Michele, yes, change it from "I hope" to "I am" - I will include more tips.

OneLastMilkshake - Just get your mom's voice out of your head (I need to tell myself that too) and remeber THIS IS FOR YOU.

Twinkletwinkle - you kill me! hee hee

Skye -I love that quote! Reminds me of when someone said that they LOVED their life so much "When I die, I want to come back as me!" Damn - that is the goal!

Radomom - you go girl. I'm adding one more for you - "And I am so glad that I have financial freedom that I can get a massage a week."

Who loves you? :)

wickedzil said...

Great post! I'll definitely try that...

...but can't we dedicate it to banning mom jeans permanently from all our lives? They're a surefire way to keep "those boys" away, far far away!

Lisa said...

I do the Pink Bubble. It works, but you have to REALLY want it. Else it will know you are just testing the universe!

Take whatever you want (let's say it's a car) and picture it. Hold the picture of the car in your head and then feel it, get inside the car, feel how comfy the seats are, how wonderful the steering wheel feels in your hands, how perfect you feel in it, then drive it, put the window down and let the wind blow through your hair. Turn on the music, sing ... and then drive home, get out of the car, and insert the entire experience into a pink bubble.

Take the bubble and envision it is sitting in the palm of your hand. Remember the experience one last time, then blow the bubble away. Watch it float away, the car floating inside ... and then wait until the car comes to you! DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN, and certainly do not say to yourself this is silly, it will never work.

(I suppose if you are especially needy you could take a pink bubble bath and roll around in all your wants before sending them off!)

Good luck!

Angie said...

Skye, I absolutley love that movie and I have my very own copy. I agree with you on that quote. She works so hard and then decideds to move across the country for some time. I know that's not that point but I love the quote and I feel like her with working so so hard and not taking time for myself. I WILL take time every night for myself and not work on work stuff so I don't go crazy!

Natalia said...

I recently started doing this in order to keep a more positive attitude about a lot of things I'm looking forward to. Here are some of mine:

I'm so happy to be going back to school next Spring!
I'm grateful me and Ryan get to FINALLY live together and we made it through the long distance thing.
Things are going great financially; I love being responsible with my money and am glad I saved as much as I wanted to.
It's so great to not be emotionally tied down, be positive and smiling again, and wake up every morning and WANT to go to work.
I'm so happy my parents have worked out their issues instead of being miserable!

There are a few more.. but those are the main things in my life that I need/want to happen, and I'm in the mindset that they MOST DEFINITELY will. :-)

Searching for THE ONE said...

lol, I love the picture you chose. I have a candle holder that looks exactly like that frog.

I have to Manifest, when I visit my grandmothers. One tells me I'm fat, (she's about 4'9" and probbaly weighs around 250, so um she need to shut her pie hole - in more ways then one)...and the other has been asking for great grandchildren since I was 16! I'm the youngest grandchild, but the only girl.

So I get it!


enolan said...

My friend taught me to manifest, only neither of us ever knew there was a word for it until now. After she graduated from college and began looking for a job, she just repeated "People will hire me" over and over again out loud, and on things like her myspace page and AIM profile. And it worked! So when I decided to move to NY and look for a job, I adopted the phrase from her. I ended up getting a day job as an office assistant, and a freelance dream job writing about movies and TV for a website. The day job was an open-ended temp assignment that started in late November and ended a week ago. The part time dream job has been going really well, so I wrote to the boss, let him know I had more time on my hands, and asked to take on more work. ....And it's really funny beacuse I worked for four years at my last job, got told that I was doing great all the time, and so I waited for a promotion that never came. And only now do I realize that the promotion never came because I never asked for it, I never put it out in the universe that I wanted it. It took a lot of new courage for me to put it out there at the dream job that I wanted more, and as scary as it was (because part of me still thinks I should just shut up and act grateful that they hired me at all), at least I know that if I don't suceed, it won't be for lack of confidence this time. ....So now it's time to start manifesting the idea of me being a full-time writer!
Love the blog, adventure grrl! I can't wait to read about the next adventure bowl outings!

Anonymous said...

i WILL turn this shit job into a rockin career move! i WILL save enough money to buy something (besides clothes) that makes me feel adult! i WILL stop sleeping with my guy friends just because it's easier than a real relationship and i WILL open myself up to a real relationship. i WILL be drunk most of this weekend. (that last one might be the only one to truly manifest). but i look to you for my inspiration! thanks lady! keep it up. write a book! i'm sick of that eat, pray, love crap. i wanna read you!

Anonymous said...

I have definitely used "the secret" to manifest some wonderful things in my life. But I want to advise you that according to these principles, following the laws of attraction, you will attract what you focus on. Therefore, if you don't want to manifest your mom discussing your weight you have to think something like, "My Mother and I have fantastic conversations about work, life, etc." Otherwise, you'll attract a conversation about your weight right to you! and the same goes for vibrator shopping. Its a pretty cool concept... if you think back in your life and situations, you'll realize that a lot of the things you didn't want to happen, happened because you were concentrating on them in some way or another. The more you concentrate on trying to lose weight, the more you'll need to lose weight... that's why the secret suggests stating "I am at my perfect weight." Weird. If you're really interested, you might really enjoy reading the secret. <3

Broken Barn Industries said...

I kept saying stuff like, "I want to be a flower farmer when I grow up." My Mister made me stop that. Now I have to say, "I AM a flower farmer." At first it felt silly- my garden seems so small compared to a FARM. But I did it. I said it. And just this year I have started saying it out loud to other people when they ask what I do. I used to say "homemaker". Now I still say that sometimes but then I go, "Actually, I'm a flower farmer." It's starting to roll off my tongue more easily and it is certainly starting to become true- I made money this year.