Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Facebook Makes Me Feel Weird

Two things I never thought I'd do: Blog or be on Facebook. Or have a threesome. So three things. All three make me feel weird.

Two I've done (Blog and be on Facebook) and the other that I haven't, that just makes me feel creepy and want to go to confession for even thinking about.

So the thing about Facebook - I always thought it was lame and when people would ask me, "Why aren't you on Facebook?" I'd say, "Because I'm not thirteen."

And I would say it like a bitch!

But then, my friend had her Facebook up on her computer and all of a sudden it was three hours later and I had peered into the lives of every person I ever loved, hated, worked with, wished was my boyfriend, had an unfortunate sexual experience with, dreamed about, lost my virginity to, drank under the table or threw up on.

It's crazy!

And it's all out there. Where they live, who they're living with, what they're doing, who they're doing it with and the photos - OH, THE PHOTOS!

Look who lost his hair, look who gained weight, look who should rethink culottes. Look who got a guy way hotter than she is and look who has an ugly kid.

The total lack of privacy is totally "nut-so" but kind of fantastic.

So I dipped my toe in, I threw up a page. The weird thing is, I'm at a cross roads. There seems to be this huge competition, like, who can have the most friends. I have friends that have 150 friends and friends that have 300 friends. I have friends that add all their work friends, bosses and company management too.

But that seems INSANE. Do I really want my boss, my boss' boss and their boss to know "I'm not eating a Lean Cuisine and watching 'Gossip Girl' no matter what anyone told you." (Go ahead, you can take that one). Or "I'm trying to put lipstick on a Chihuahua and it's more difficult than you think." (Not really funny but says I'm up on politics).

Or "That Ambien sure goes down nicely with two Cadaliac Margaritas!"


So I've held myself back, just adding the people I talk to all the time to which means... I probably don't need a Facebook page.

But hey, that's what works for me. And in the end, if I just have my profile up to check in on friends from high school and college, that's cool with me. It's so nostalgic and beautiful to see the people I care about with BFs, GFs, houses and great jobs, beaming back from a little JPEG. To see my relatives and cousins, all the way across the country, so far away but I can feel a little closer because I can see their circle of friends...

And for the spying, you totally have to have an account for the spying.

So what do you think about Facebook? Are you into putting it all out there or holding something back? Oh, and if you have a good Facebook story - stalking or embarrassing, I DEFINITELY want to know it.

This post is dedicated to being incognito.



Leah J. Utas said...

"..needed to be washed two meals ago..."
Love that.

Brooke212 said...

This is hilarious - I'm a sweat pants junkie myself so I totally get it. How's the pledge going anyway? :) said...

I was just happy to see an article in the WSJ the other week that said the designers are putting pajamas for day wear on the catwalk. Yea! Pajamas!

Krista Lou Cook said...

Oh so true. I own a few of those velvety sweat pants. i like to call them my "dress" pants. My other addictive hide-away clothing is all of my skirts. Who am I kidding?

Rose said...

Oh I've done that before. I went through a whole phase of wearing American Eagle sweats because they were more "acceptable" for public wearing.

debby said...

Yah, I love the line 'needed to be washed two meals ago' too. I used to wear shirts like that always. And sweatpants used to be my 'uniform.' But since losing weight, I kinda have an aversion to them. I always think of the line in Seinfeld, where Jerry told George, 'Sweatpants signal to the world that you've given up on life.'

myself said...

Ok seeing as we're admitting this horrible stuff, I'm not a sweat pants junkie.

I'm a PJ pants junkie.

I live in the damned things.

But I don't wear them outside the house save for walking the dogs and putting out the garbage. Ok once I went thru the Wendy's drive thru in them. I admit it.

Gym only for sweats. It's a rule I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

If I could live in sweatpants or pjs I would. LOVE them. I think that's why I went back to work in the hospital. I wear scrubs, which are kind of like pjs.

Anonymous said...

LOL that sounds exactly like my entire year I was meant to be doing my MA. except i added the library to things i couldn't do unless nourished both physically and spiritually. also really had to avoid the crowds...!!!

on another note, if you're still on the dieting merrygoround, check out, i've found it really helpful so far. takes a few days to get used to (the website is visually a bit busy) but once you ditch the meal plans and eat what you're away in a hack!

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention that sparkpeople is free!

Anonymous said...

reposting old posts is like cheating!! i need some new stuff! :) <3

Angie said...

i completley forgot about this wedding and the ex boyfriend... do you remember what posts the main point of that was under... i got my roommate hooked on your blog and some of those posts were funny so i want to fill her in

adventure grrl said...

Angie - thanks so much! I think you're looking for "You Will Not Believe The Letter I Got Today" from December 1, 2007.

Thanks for getting people hooked!

Tw!nkleTw!nkle said...

ooooh Facebook. I was lucky enough to be THE first class of college Freshmen to use facebook. facebook was first designed for college kids and u couldnt join without a legit school .edu email. which was cool then BUT NOW its like myspace all over again. the thing is, since we were the first people to have the facebook we were also the first people to get bored with it. i check FB maybe once a day just to see if anyone posted anything new. im barely ever active except for the occasional thing i want to brag about on my status :P "Natasha got a new tattoo today!" lol!

but its definitely awesome for spying. thats y i keep my myspace around... to spy! welcome to the dark side.


Rebecca said...

I'm so with you on this. I'm always like, WHO'S LOOKING AT ME? I hope he's cute... (sigh, giggle)


Anonymous said...

I had Facebook and dumped it. I realized two things:

1. I don't really use it and my friends are all in their 30s or 40, have kids and are too busy for a facebook page.

2. It's cheating. You don't actually have to call them and ask them what's going on and stuff. Plus, I like being difficult to find info about. Makes me more mysterious :P

Michelle J said...

I'm on Facebook but i hardly go there. Unless someone friends me then i'm like all oooh i'm popular today!!! Friend me???


Jordana said...

My friend just turned me on to your blog and I love, love, love. The stories are so hilarious and I love the adventure ones especially. I hope you write a book!

Colleen Snell said...

I actually blogged about this today, via a story of reconnecting with a girl this way. I'm a fan.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey girl
I feel weird about facebook too!
but I'm there, friend me, I dare you...
hee hee