Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Naked Victory Laps

I will write more tomorrow but I did want to say...

I am very pleased with the Presidential outcome tonight.

First, we drank martinis out of nervousness.

Then we drank champagne out of victory.

And I thought of all the people who fret about keeping their houses/having health care/people they love going off to war...

So I drank more champagne in relief.

And then when we were done, I tried to get one of my BFFs to run a naked victory lap for Obama in one of the posh-est neighborhoods in LA. And he said:

"But it's cold."

"OMG! It's history! Are you kidding me?"

So I took off my pants. He said, "Okay, I will go pantless." I said, "Pantless is lame. It's all or nothing!" Then I motioned like "off with my top."

He would not budge.


I said, "I'm chunky. If I'm willing to do it, you should do it, this should be nothing to a skinny rail like you."

He wasn't buying it.

And then the other part of me just wanted french fries and to let my dog out so he would not urinate in my bed. So I gave up trying to convince him.

But I would have gone naked for Obama and I will make my friend pay for the rest of his life for being a lame-o. But in the meantime, I am, french fries in hand, over the moon.

This blog is dedicated to OBAMA! and victory being sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!



Michelle J said...

This is one brillant post my friend!!!

Shall i say i am sorry, or wish you fun shopping and walking?? Either way, you rock! Keep on keeping on!!!

Andrea said...

BIG hugs to you today. Take care of yourself :)

hopenlaughter said...

BIG BIG Squishy Hugs! R sometimes the best things

elife said...


saveyoursoul said...
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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and I really was moved by this entry. Thinking of you on this day.

Tw!nkleTw!nkle said...

hoping that today is full of fond memories and not so much heartbreak. and a new pair of shoes of course.


jae said...

Hugs to you. Sometimes it's hard to move on but when you do it's rewarding. You are proof of that. :) ~j

Anonymous said...

If the retail therapy was fruitful, you should post some pictures of your find. :)

Strength comes from the oddest places sometimes.. and we tend to see the big picture when the smoke clears.

You're doing great!

jessapoppy said...

I'm proud of you, too! "Sad, but mostly happy"....what a wonderful feeling when the happy feelings begin to take over. I'm sure sadness will always be a part of your loss, but it's so much better to celebrate the happy thoughts and memories! I lost my little bro 7 years ago the week of Thanksgiving. This time of year is so hard for me...the falling leaves are always a painful reminder. Each year it gets easier, but I wish for a day that I look forward to the season change. I think that's one thing that gets us through...HOPE. Keep going, girl, and never stop striving to live your best life. Your cousin would be so proud!! ((HUGS))

Schwartz Family said...

Retail therapy is always the best. My husband doesn't understand why I shop so much but it's where I get the best thinking done.

aec said...

hey, glad to hear you're getting through the anniversary. I recommend happy music to help.

I started a blog to help me get through a difficult time too. Check it out sometime if you want.


Anonymous said...

Next time, call me. I'm all about streaking for a good cause.

Tw!nkleTw!nkle said...

im only 21, so i havent known much about what it is like to worry about ur retirement, or 401K plans or health care, but when i heard that soon i wouldnt be able to take out any more loans for college, thats when i started to panic. im so glad that obama won. i cant say i had the greatest faith in america, after voting in a RETARD for 2 consecutive terms, but in the end it all worked out. First black president with a foreign name. im glad i was alive to see this happen :)

Michelle J said...

Streaking is the way to go!!!

I would have done it with you! Perhaps, in 2012??

YEAH!! WOOHOO!! I am very happy today!!! History has been made and we were a part of it!!!


noley said...

YAY! Go Obama!

I was home celebrating alone... well I did have my dog. I had chilled champagne for the victory but my hubby decided to work late and when he finally got in he just changed the channel to "hell's kitchen" and he wasn't excited or even interested since he didn't Barack the vote like I did.

So despite not streaking, sounds like you still had an awesome fun time and I'm so happy for (& jealous of) you!

hopenlaughter said...

I'm still in shock. Even though I hoped for the outcome, voted for it and motivited the ppl around me to vote as well I still can't belive it. Last night I was jumping, dancing, hugging, tearful out of joy. I really thought there is no way this event was happening anytime within the next 50 yrs. Love your streaking celebration to toast history in the making.

saveyoursoul said...

love love love LOVE this post girlfriend.

and french fries.

and nudie laps with a purpose.

B said...

thanks for stopping by my blog

and although I am canadian - very happy to see Obama elected!! great choice USA!!

Grampa' Fuzz said...

How's that HOPE and CHANGE workin' for you now?